Oceaprotect Alarms


From a simple and modern design, requires no electrical connection or manually adjustment and fits most models of pool.


Oceaprotect is equipped with an immersed probe which detects any movement of water caused by the fall of a body of 6 kg or more.

Simple, robust and secure

Oceaprotect is equipped with installation assistance through light and sound signals. A troubleshooting feature allows you to monitor system status and any failure.
Oceaprotect is insensitive to the action of cleaning robots, filtration systems, rain and wind (in the limit requirements of the standard NFP90-307). The electronic alarm system incorporates an Oceaprotect event log.
Maximum size of the pool: 10 x 5 m. If bigger, provide an extra alarm. Furthermore, power supply is sealed.

Possible options

Oceaprotect is a progressive alarm offering a range of accessories.


Security bracelet

This sensor strap is attached around the wrist of the child. Lightweight and ergonomic, it will be forgotten very quickly. After being locked, only an adult can remove it. In case of fall, it transmits information in an instant by radio waves to the central and triggers an audible alarm. Its action is permanent because the strap protects the child wearing it even when the trigger is disabled during immersion swimming. Possibility to add up to 15 bracelets. (N. B. Bracelet not compatible with salt water.)

Multifunction Remote Control


Remote Siren

Detector Opening