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Welcome to Real Piscines

Established in 1997 and based in Riberac in the Dordogne, we specialise in the supply of plumbing and heating products and swimming pool kits and accessories.

Our swimming pools

Our swimming pools are French-sourced and of the highest quality, with guaranteed ease-of-use and reliabliity.

Our products

Whether you need a new pool pump, a liner, a sand filter or even a complete swimming pool kit supplied and installed, we are the people to contact


Loop-Loc is a swimming pool security cover made from a very light material which conforms to the NFP90-308 French regulations. The cover is made by Loop-loc in USA.

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Client testimonials

  • imageJust to say thank you for your free advice and free water-test, which transformed our pool within a week.
    After following the manufacturer's advice and getting no result, we came to you for help, and help you did. Thanks to you, we can now enjoy our pool - and it's still the same blue 3 months later. image

    thmub Martin


  • imageVYou kindly came by and fitted our LOOP-LOC pool cover in the mountains in Rogale, SAURAT at the end of last summer and firstly we would like to thank you for making that detour from your visit to Spain.
    I have taken pictures of the pool today after a substantial fall of snow which came yesterday so you can have evidence of what happens when the snow gets on the cover - clearly it melts quickly through into the water - our water has kept well above freezing and we have kept the pump running in the current cold snap.
    We are impressed and hope other potential customers will be too. image

    thmub L'Ariège