“High Intensity”

  • Compatible with any type of projector with a 300W lamp type GE PAR56
  • Colour bulb with remote control and low power (31W). Equivalent brightness of a 300W bulb
  • Minimum lifetime of 50000H or 15 years (based on an 8H each day and 365 days a year)

Easy Installation

  • Existing installations : compatible without modification. Connection to the same cables and 12V supply
  • New installations : Cable with 2 x 0.75 mm2 and 35VA transformer

Installation procedure

  • Cut power to the projector
  • Remove projector from water
  • Remove the bulb, keeping the seal
  • Connect cables on the screw terminals
  • Isolate screw terminals with silicone (precaution)
  • Set the bulb into the seal of the projector. Strengthen seal with silicone (CC2000)

Also available in
15W / 270 LEDs / 370 Lumens