Polymer panels

Although polymer pools have been available for many years, the one feature they have lacked is the ability to create new configurations. Our multi-flex panel features patented live hinges, which enable you to choose from one of our many shapes-or you can create your own! This truly outstanding, award-winning design offers:

  • Panels that are strong and stable
  • Non-biodegradable polymer foams that greatly increase the longevity of the pool
  • Cellular structure that acts as a thermal screen, holding heat in the pool and blocking the penetrating cold from surrounding soils
  • Pre-marked reinforced return fitting panels
  • Moulded skimmer panel

Reinforced Ribs :

Each Structural Foam Panel is made from non corrosive structural polymer. The top and bottom rail of the panel is 4" wide and each panel has a series of box style ribs for strength. In addition to these ribs, each 6' panel has 4 vertical ribs running the height of the panel ensuring the panel will not bow when back filled. The area around the Return Fitting is ribbed and marked for drilling the return fitting hole. This reinforces this area and ensures that all return fittings are at the same level.